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Charcoal Briquette Ball Machine

Charcoal Briquette Ball Machine
Charcoal briquette ball machine make high density charcoal ball briquettes, with low cost and high working effeciency.

Charcoal Briquette Ball Machine could be as following,charcoal powder, coal powder, zinc powder and so on.

The shape is to be round charcoal briquette ball, pillow shape, oval shape and square shape and so on.

Our main machine model is as following


Type Capacity Power Weight Size(L*W*H) Roller matierials
HY-290 1-2t/h 7.5kw 800kg 1.32*1.23*1.52m 65Mn 2 rollers
HY-360 3-4/h 11kw 1000kg 1.45*1.47*1.75m 65Mn2 rollers
HY-430 6-8t/h 15kw 3800kg 1.45*1.52*1.75m 65Mn4 rollers
HY-500 8-10t/h 37kw 5800kg 1.75*1.78*2.43m 65Mn4 rollers
HY-650 12t/h 45kw 6500kg 2.65*2.70*2.43m 65Mn4 rollers
HY-750 16t/h 55kw 8500kg 3*2.9*2.43m 65Mn4 rollers
HY-850 18-20t/h 75kw 13000kg 3.2*3*2.45m 65Mn4 rollers
HY-1000 23-25t/h 110kw 17000kg 3.5*3*2.8m 65Mn4 rollers

Charcoal Briquette Ball Machine is work with by single machine or whole line ? this decision is choosen by clients, and investment plan,

also depends on the labor cost in local, Normally the whole line is matched by crusher—mixer—briquettes machine —-dryer machine.

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