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Charcoal Machine

Charcoal Machine normally is taken as two types machine, one is our sawdust briquette machine, another meaning is our charcoal furnace.

Charcoal machine

charcoal machine

This charcoal machine is first step to make charcoal, we should make briquettes firstly, then carbonize briquettes by furnace

Charcoal machine raw materials

Charcoal machine raw materials could be as following, rice husk, sawdust, cotton stalk, rice straw, wheat straw, argo waste, biomass waste and so on. charcoal machine is good machine to make useage of the waste into good briquettes.stalk,sunflower stalk, soybean stalk waste, rice husk, sugarcane bagasse waste, corncob, etc. when making briquettes, the raw materials diameter should be less than 6mm, humiity is less than 15%,we just could make high density& quality briquettes.



charcoal briquettes
charcoal briquettes is with high heating value, and the density normally to be 1400kg/m³

Model of our charcoal machie

Model: ZBJ-1




Briquettes size:50-70mm




Briquettes size:50-80mm


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Another model charcoal machine, we also called charcoal furnace or carbonization furnace. it is the last step to make charcoal. After making briquettes, we need to use the charcoal machine to carbonize the briquettes into charcoal. we have two types furnace,

One is single set charcoal furnace

Charcoal machine
Charcoal machine is within one main furnace, three inner baskets and necessary hoisting tools

if you need smaller capacity, we could choose one set  charcoal machine, however, we have to light the furance every carbonization time.

Three sets charcoal machine connecting together


charcoal machine
Charcoal machine could three sets together, first set produce the gas by wood itself, it could heat the sescond set, this is reclyed process

Maybe some clients is interested that how many kg charcoal get it from 1ton raw materials, the carbonization rate is depens on the raw materials humility, For example, if the sawdust briquettes humility is around 8%, we could get 380-400kg charcoal from 1ton briquettes,

According to this information, you could account your raw materials, labor cost, and charcoal price in local, will know whether could get profits when invest the charcoal machine.

The capacity of three sets charcoal furnace, it could deal with around 13-15ton raw  materials per day.

The following is our India clients to visit us for charcoal furnace, and doing machine test in factory.

Charcoal Machine India clients
Charcoal Machine has very good market in India, Malaysia, Vietnam and other Asia countries, because these place has enough materials