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Charcoal Package Machine

Charcoal Package Machine Charcoal Package Machine mainly package the charcoal pillow ball, or coal briquettes ball. Charcoal package machine technical date is as following

Precision : +/-0.2%-0.5% depend on charcoal/coal weight
Packing Capacity : 100-200bags for 10-30kg/bag.
Weighing scale : 2-10kg per bag
Power Supply : 220Va.c and 4N-380Va.c,50Hz
Power Dissipation : 2.5kW
Request Compressed Air : 0.4MPa~0.6MPa
Compressed Air Consume : 0.3m per hour


Charcoal Package Machine
Charcoal Package Machine, it has three systems, weighting system, transporting system and sealing system

2.Charcoal Package Machine main structures 2.1 Auto dosing filling system 2.2 Auto weighing balance 2.3 Auto adjustable belt conveyor 2.4 Stitching machine(foot switch type) 2.5 Electronic control cabinet and Computer Control cabinet 3.Charcoal Package Machine Flowing Process Manual bag placing—-Auto filling—-Auto weighting—-Auto bag discharge—–Auto bag conveyor——Bag stitched—–Next round 4.Charcoal Machine key parts 4.Charcoal Package Key Parts:

Parts Type Brand Made In
1 Load Cell IL250kg Mettler-Toledo USA
2 Cylinder ST /CB AirTac TAIWAN
3 Magnetic valve MV220-4E1
4 F.R.L Combination UFR/L04 SHAKO
5 Weighing Controller DCS-25 RuiLi CHINA
6 AC Contactor LC1E1201CC5N Schneider GERMANY
7 Air Switch OSMC32N3D10 Schneider GERMANY

Charcoal Package Machine Advantage Charcoal Package Machine is special for design for charcoal ball, potato,onion,gralic  .  It has some preventive mechanism: anti-jam, anti-shock, anti-stopper, which offers user easy-operation, easy assembling, easy-maintenance and excellent stability. And total-solution in a compact structure, need very small space to fix.Choose dual-hopper , which enhance the scale packing speed from normal 300 bag/hour to 600bags/hour, and not increase any operators. Charcoal Package Machine for charcoal/coal ball

Charcoal Ball .
Charcoal ball is pakcaged by automatic way
charcoal ball is package by kraft bags
charcoal ball is package by kraft bags, we also could use same way for package potatoes, apples and onions