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Honeycomb Briquette Machine

Honeycomb Briquette Machine

Honeycomb Briquette Machine is also called by Punch briquettes making machinery, the machine making the coal/charcoal briquettes for homeusage.

Honeycomb briquette machine
Honeycomb briquette machine with steady performance, and high capacity. it could make briquettes with 10pcs hole, 12pcs hole, and 14pcs hole inside. The briquettes heats at home or for boiler.

The Honeycomb Briquette Machine is as following

                                 Honeycomb Briquette Machine
Model Power Capacity for brick shape Capacity of rod shape size of round size of square size of rod Weight
HY-140 7.5kw 45 pcs/min 90-100 pcs/min ≤120 mm ≤100×100 mm ≤50 mm 1.8ton
HY-180 7.5kw 40 pcs/min 120 pcs/min ≤145 mm ≤130×130 mm ≤50 mm 2.5ton
HY-220 15kw 22-26 pcs/min 125 pcs/min ≤220 mm ≤150×150 mm ≤50 mm 3.8ton
HY-260 15kw 26 pcs/min 90-120 pcs/min ≤260 mm ≤200×200 mm ≤50 mm 3.8ton
HY-300 15kw 26 pcs/min 90-120 pcs/min ≤300 mm ≤250×250 mm ≤50 mm 4 ton


Features of Honeycomb Briquette Machine

1. High profit and low cost in raw material

2. Increase the net calorific value per unit volume after briquetting honeycomb

3. Energy saving, friendly-environment, Low-consumption

4. No chemical additives, no smell, no smoke

5. Easy to transport and store as densities product

What final briquettes size could be honeycomb briquette machine make?

The briquette machine could make round type size, square size and rod size

Honeycomb briquettes
Honeycomb briquettes with different size, burning time is with 4-5hours,and with high heating value. Sample is available.
Honeycomb briquette machine spare parts
Honeycomb briquette machine with different shape of mold, this time is mainly for making the rod shape.
Charcoal rod briquettes
Charcoal rod briquettes is another shpae, this is with single hole, the type briquettes is popular in middle east country and so on

Feature of honeycomb briquettes

honeycmb charcoal is ignite quicly, smokeless, tasteless. low ash, high calorifc value. good use for cooking

Briquettes technical date

Ash Content: 3%
Moisture: 2%
Fixed Carbon: 75-85.3%
Calorific Value:6000-8000 kcal/kg
Burning Time:4.0~5.0 hours

The working principle of honeycomb briquette machine

1. Load charcoal powder or coal powder into hopper by conveyor or labor

2. Powder will be formed to a certain shape under the stronger press.The shape is decided by mold.

3.Next, the briquette will be pressed out off the mold by auxiliary punch, and fall on the belt conveyor.

4. With the rotating of mold, this process will be continuous.

The advantages of honeycomb briquyettes machine

1. The finished briquettes of honeycomb briquette machine can be widely used in many fields, such as BBQ, home, heating for boiler, or factory, etc.
2. With our self researched formula, t briquette is smokeless, easily fired by lighter, long burning time, very convenient and health.
3. We would like to offer whole training system for operating the honeycomb briquettes machine operating process
4. Spline shaft and fully enclosed gear reducer make sure our honeycomb briquette machines point accurately. Low failure rate.
5. Profect design, automatic feeding and discharging system.6. Each machine can be equipped with various molds for different needs
6. the briquettes is with high calorific value 6000-8000 kcal.
7. Widely used, popular in different market the market.