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Sawdust Briquette Machine

Sawdust Briquette Machine

Brief Introduction

Briquette machine is also called sawdust /wood briquette machine,rice husk briquette.The device is the primary mechanism for charcoal production molding equipment.It can make bamboo , straw , wood, shell and other particulate(length less 5mm,diameter less6mm) that with less than 14% water into a solid stick with a central bore in the case of no addition of a binder , high temperature , high pressure.

Machine picture


sawdust briquette machine
Sawdust Briquette Machine works with high temperature and high working pressure, makes high quality briquettes

Sawdust Briquette Machine Main model

 Model  Power  Capacity  Weight  Dimension  Note
ZBJ-1 15kw 120-200kg/h 550KG 1.68*0.72*1.25m Briquettes size:50mm
ZBJ-2 18.5kw 250-300kg/h 680KG 1.86*0.72*1.32 Briquettes size:60-70mm
ZBJ-3 22kw 350-450kg/h 750KG 1.96*0.72*1.32 Briquettes size:60-80mm


1.What‘s the working principle of the sawdust briquettes machine and what’s the heating temperature ?

By high pressure and high temperature ,the temperature is around 300°C to 330 °C

2.What’s the wearing parts of sawdust briquettes machine ?and how about their life time?

A: Mold    life:8-10months   B: propeller/screw  life:5-6months   C:Heating ring  life:4-10months

sawdust briquette machine spare parts
sawdust briquette machine main spare parts, it is mold, propeller/screw and heating ring. as for propeller, we should maintain it often

The propeller we often suggest that it should be repaired by welding every 7days .It is easy to wear and tear.

3.What’s the requirement of sawdust briquettes raw material ?

Almost all the wood waste can be used ,such as sawdust ,wood chips,tree branches ,rice husk and so on ,but the size should less than 5mm.
If the material cannot achieve the requirement ,it should be crush first ,and the moisture of the raw material is about 8-12%
Final size should be less than 6mm

4.What’s the shape of sawdust briquettes machine final product ?

Long bars in square shape or with hexagonal shape ,


5.what is sawdust briquette machine propeller gap?

The screw gap could be the size as 32mm,36mm,40mm. (36mm is the most common )

6.What’s the main application of the final product ?

Sawdust briquettes machine are widely used in biomass power plant heating industry ,boiler heat source and other industries .

7. what is main feature of sawdust briquette machine

(A) No need any binder

(B) Low cost ,high capacity

(C) Good quality , convenient maintenance

(D) Supply complete production line


8.What’s the advantages of biomass briquettes?

A.Increase the net calorific value per unit volume after biomass briquetting
B.Easy to transport and store as densified product
C. Better solution to the problem of residue disposal
D.Uniform in size and quality as a kind of biofuel briquette
E. Reduce excess deforestation by providing a substitute for fuel wood

9.Can you provide the sawdust briquette machine production line

Crush – dryer -briquette-package
A. Crush the raw material into small pieces (diameter is about 3-6mm)
B. Dry the material by machine or dried it in the sun , till the moisture is less than 14%
C. Put the material into feed let of briquette machine
D. Produce the briquette stick from biomass material without any additive
E. Package

sawdust briquettes machine producing line
Sawdust briquette machine production line
capacity:1ton per hour

The above layout drawing is about sawdust briquettes machine producing line, with 1ton per hour capacity

sawdust briquettes machine line
sawdust briquette machine line is with 4sets briquettes machine connecting together

The sawdust briquettes machine whole line include materials distributor, smoke collecting system, briquettes conveyor and so on


sawdust briquette machine ready for shipment
sawdust briquettes machine is in container, ready for shipment


sawdust btiquettes machine line
sawdust briquettes machine line sample

This line is from crusher to dryer, and to whole line briquettes machine

There has different countries clients visit us for sawdust briquettes machine

Pakistan clients visit

The above is our Pakistan clients visit us for sawdust briquettes machine line, it is for capacity 2ton per hour. they would like to make briquettes for heating boiler, they have many textile factory.

This one clients is from Africa clients, who works in Government

Mity would like to look for new business field for himself

Africa clients visit for sawdust briquettes machine line


sawdust briquette machine, Africa clients visit
Sawdust briquette machine, Africa clients visit, he is interested in the sawdust briquettes machine working, as his new business scope

If you are interested in invest for sawdust briquettes machine line, we would like to guide you step by step.

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