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ShiSha Charcoal Machine

ShiSha Charcoal tablet press Machine

ShiSha Charcoal Machine makes different size of Charcoal, it is mainly for smoking in Middle east Country

ShiSha Charcoal Machine
ShiSha Charcoal Machine makes smokeless, healthy shisha briquettes for smoking. the best raw materials for making shisha charcoal is coconut shell charcoal powder


The ShiSha Charcoal Machine models is as following

Model (unit)

Power (kw)

Capacity (kg/hr)

Tablet Diameter (mm)

Briquette diameter (mm)

Max feeding size (mm)

Press Force (Kn)

Weight (KG)





Less than 50








Less than 50




 The Features of ShiSha Charcoal Machine

1. shisha coal machine is applied to suppress tablets with large volume.

2. Special design is suitable for light powder materials.

3. The shisha is hot sale in Arabian countries

4.Shisha Charcoal Machine is designed to make shisha charcoal tablets, also called hookah charcoal briquettes.

5.The briquettes is easy to light, and no need to add binder when making it. Smokeless, No pollution, No harmful for healthy

6.The ShiSha Charcoal has very good market in middle east countries, such as Arab Countries, Turkey, Jordan and so on

Different shape for ShiSha Charcoal Briquettes

ShiSha briquettes
Shisha charcoal briquettes with different size, it is normally depends on clients request. ShiSha charcoal Briquettes diameter 33mm and 35mm is most popular.


sliver shisha charcoal briquettes
Some clients like Siliver ShiSha Charcoal briquettes.when making it, needs add sliver powder on the black briquettes charcoal briquettes


The character of Shisha Charcoal Briquettes/Tablets

Diameter weight Moisture solid charcoal Ash content Lighting time(s) Burning time (m)
33mm 6.6g-7.0/pc Less than3% More than 64.87% Less than3% 30 60
35mm 8.5g/pc Less than3% More than 64.87% Less than 3% 30 65
38mm 11.5g/pc Less than3% More than 64.87% Less than 3% 40 70
40mm 11.5g/pc Less than3% More than 64.87% Less than 3%

The process to make ShiSha/hookak charcoal

1. The very good quality raw materials is necessary, such as coconut shell charcoal powder

2. Machine must with high pressure, durable, stable working, etc.

3. We have to get good binder formula. The binder directly effect the charcoal shaping, charcoal appearance and flammability. Our factory is special for manufacturing hookah tablet press machine and we have the special binder formula for making good charcoal.

Other introductions

ShiSha/hookak charcoal as been become a kind of style life of entertainment, leisure and relaxation all over the world. And it widely used in home, restaurante, coffee shop, club, hotel, etc. It also can be a present to be sent.

After the hookah charcoal burning 1 minute, and there is no smoke, then put it on the silver paper.

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