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Drum Chipper

Drum Chipper

Drum Chipper is mainly for crushing the big wood logs into chipes.

The main spare parts of the Drum Chipper is machine rack, the blades rollers, double feeding rollers, the transmission belt and the hydraulic buffer system


Drum Chipper
Drum Chipper is with stable performance and higher capacity. easy to operate, and suitable for crushing different raw materials
Model Power(KW) Capacity(t/h) Weight(t) Dimension  Note
BX215 45+4KW 5-8 5 1.6*1.8*1.21 Raw material dia:


Final product: wood chips

BX216 55+4KW 7-10 6.5 1.8*1.9*1.21m
BX218 90+4KW 10-15 7.5 2.2*2.2*1.5m
Spare parts Blade: need to maintain

The above is Drum chipper main models

Introduction of Drum Chipper

Drum Chipper is one special equipment for high quality wood chips. It is widely used in stock workshop section of industrial manufacture, for example, the flakeboard,fibre board, building board, straw power plant.

Main Features of Drum Chipper


Advanced and reliable technology.

High throughput capacity and high quality chips.

Low-maintenance and service-friendly.

Cost-efficient and space-saving.

Chipping of all kinds of wood.

The drum chipper is of compact structure, easy oper-ation, high capacity, wide raw materials adaptability, high quality, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance.

Wood Drum Chipper is suitable for different raw materials

Drum Chipper raw materials
Drum Chipper is suitable for different raw materials, and get the evenly size of wood chips

Drum Chipper in final user Place

Drum Chipper in final user place

Structure Feature of Drum Chipper

1). Drum Chipper is made up of body, knife roller, the upper and lower feed roller, conveyor belt, hydraulic system. 

2).The machine adopts high strength steel plate welded together, is the supporting basis of the whole machine.
Install two or three, four throwing knives in the knife roller. Using the fly-knife bolt specially manufactured to fix these fly-knives on the knife roller through the pressure block. According to different thickness of cutting materials, the upper feed roller can fluctuate within a certain range with the aid of hydraulic system. Qualified wood chips fall down through the sieve holes, and are discharged from the bottom.