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Wood Pellet Mill

Pellets mill

We have two types pellets mill, One is the flat die wood pellets mill,

Another model is ring die wood  pellets mill

Let us Introduce flat die pellet mill firstly

. Raw materials: Could be sawdust, rice husk, straw, wood waste and so on

Final usage: burning in the boiler, or heating at home

  1. Final size:4-10mm
  2. Model A and B: The model with “A”, it means diesel motor, such as KL-120A.,

    Wood Pellet Mill
    Wood pellet mill make the pellets from biomass waste, rice husk and so on
  3. The models is as following
  4. Name Capacity Power(kw) size(m³) weight
    KL-200B 150-250kg/h 7.5kw 100*43*95  230kg
    KL-230C 200-300kg/h 11kw 114*47*97 320kg 
    KL-260B 300-450kg/h 15kw 120*50*107 360kg 
    KL-300B 500-600kg/h 22kw 127*52*107 370kg 
    KL-360 600-700kg/h 22kw 127*52*107 450kg 
    KL-400 700-800kg/h 30kw 147*60*115 500kg 

We also have another type pellets mill, Ring Die pellets mill,

The Picture is as following

Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill
Ring Die Pellet Mill Main Spare parts is the mold and rollers, it will get higher capacity

Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

Model: HKJ45-M model





It overcomes efficiently the shortcomings of particle-making, such as the coarse fiber of Biomass is hard to make particle and with poor efficiency; additionally, it is driven by high-efficient belt, with quick-detachable hoop is used as the ring-mould, and fed under the frequency-changing speed, which can guarantee to feed evenly. The door cover, chute and feeder is made of complete stainless steel. With the advanced international fabricating technology, we can offer you the service to customize the high quality moulds for any materials for your pelletizer, lengthen the service life of your equipment, improve product’s quality and reduce your tonnage consumption cost.