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Wood Dryer

Wood Dryer

Wood Dryer machine is divided into two types, the vertical dryer and rotary dryer

Vertical dryer is for smaller capacity, Rotary Dryer is for having bigger capacity

Wood Dryer is first process to get the drying wood sawdust to make pellets or briquettes, or making charcoal powder

Wood Dryer
Wood Dryer machine mainly drying the sawdust into smaller humility

We also have another model wood dryer machine for drying wood chips. the structure is a little different

the discharge port is doing the sepcial design for loading wood chips out, read the picture,pls

wood chips dryer
Wood Chips dryer is mainly for bigger size wood chips, after drying the wood chips, it could be crushing directly

Wood Dryer Main Usage Scope

Wood Dryer main is the first process to drying the sawdust as less moisture, it is ready to make wood pellet fuel, straw briquette fuel, charcoal machinery, sawdust briquettes, and agricultural engineering industries. For example, the drying of agricultural fiber materials such as corn straw, soybean straw, cotton stalks, wheat straw, sorghum stalks, sawdust , wood shavings, ginkgo leaves, mulberry leaves

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